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19 Oct

Gluten-free products at Rodilla

A couple of days ago I was in a Rodilla restaurant, a place I never go since I’m a celiac, but I was with E who wanted to have a coffee. Suddenly he told me “have you seen this”. On the counter there was a brochure like this:

Rodilla gluten-free

With a smile on my face I asked the clerk what products were gluten-free. He didn’t know what I was talking about but then he showed me a basket on one of the counters with many products inside:

  • Two different types of bread (Proceli brand, individually packed).
  • Muffins
  • Almond waffers
  • Chocolate cake
  • Individual Nocilla tubs
  • Gluten-free beer

First I was a little disappointed because they don’t sell gluten-free version of their sandwiches. Later I cheered up because at least they now have an option for celiacs. I hope some time soon they will offer gluten-free versions of the sandwiches. For now you can have a toast with oil and tomato, bread with jam and/or butter, or Nocilla, a cake and a coffee and even beer.

I appreciate Rodilla’s effort to have gluten-free stuff. Maybe in the near future we’ll be able to eat some gluten-free sandwiches.

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14 Sep

Gluten-free Ice Cream Cones

AntiuXixona titulo

I’m really happy with a new discovery. In Majadahonda (Madrid) there’s a new Antiu-Xixona Ice Cream Parlor (yes, the same brand of the nougat). They not only have many gluten-free ice cream flavors but also have gluten-free cones and that’s very unusual. The only place where I’ve seen this before is in Mallorca at the Heladería Dino de Palma de Mallorca. So I’m happy to have one close to home :-)

Heladería Antiu-Xixona

Yesterday I had a cone with 2 scoops of ice cream, 1 coconut and the other caramel spread. I know the combination is a bit weird but I liked.

Among gluten-free flavors they have are dark chocolate, chocolate fondant, leche merengada (sorry, don’t know the translation for this one), cappuccino, straciatella, plantain with chocolate and vanilla. They also have flavors lactose free, egg free and nut free.

The cone is sealed in plastic and is open right before serving. They clean the spoon too.

For ice cream to go they have thermal boxes of 1/2 liter or 1 liter.

The place also have coffee and pastries so you can have breakfast.

By the way, according to “the husband” (not celiac) the regular ice creams are great too.

AntiuXixona pizarra

The parlor is located in Majadahonda, at 5 Mirasierra St., right behind the City Hall. The decoration is modern with glass walls and high or regular tables. Their web page has information about the allergens of each flavor. You can also find the stores this chain has in other Spanish cities (Alicante, Cádiz, Écija).

It happens that the store next door is an herbalist and eco stuff store that carries some interesting gluten-free food, but that is another story we will tell you  about in other post.

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03 Aug

Pizzanisima, excelent gluten-free italian food

Pizzanisima restaurantWe really like this place. Since we found it  we have been there several times and have been always satisfied about the food and the service. Pizzanisima is located in Boadilla del Monte (suburb of Madrid). It’s a nice little place with a terrace when there’s good weather. They offer different kinds of gluten-free pasta dishes: penne, spaghetti, ravioli, etc., that you can combine with almost  any available sauce.

We talked with the owner who commented that he just made a “bet” on the celiac community

So far I have tried meat  ravioli with pomodoro sauce, and salmon ravioli. (yes, I like ravioli :-). There are many kinds of gluten-free pizzas. They are large and topped with a lot of stuff, may be too much.

Raviolis de carne con salsa pomodoro

For dessert I would recomend Panna Cotta with Nutella…uhmmm, yummy and as you can see in the picture they also take good care of the dish presentation.

Panna cota de Nutella

In their web you can take a look to the menu. You can also order to go, just call in advance.

If you go or have gone to Pizzanisima please let us know in the comments.

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12 Jul

H3: Gluten free hamburgers

H3: H3 Hamburgers

I’m really happy with this new discovery. At Kinépolis in “Ciudad de la Imagen” (Madrid) there’s a very original hamburger restaurant with many gluten-free options. Its name is H3 New Hamburgology. It’s a Portuguese chain with restaurants in Portugal, Spain, Poland and Brasil.

It’s not the typical fast food burger place. They serve 200 gr. burgers without bread but with lots of style. A side dish of rice or “home made” chips is included. There’s optional bread but is not gluten-free. To drink you can have sodas or fresh and natural lemonade or ice tea with lemon.

They have a menu with all the gluten-free burgers and all the products a celiac can have: …more »

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01 Jul

WRIASKO: Gluten-free High Cuisine

Wriasko Restaurant

Wriasko Restaurant

This week we have enjoyed an eating experience at the restaurant Wriasko (Cristo 22, Majadahonda, Madrid).

Our visit included high cuisine dishes, both gluten free and regular, nice decoration and excellent service that included a cool chat with its owner and chef Victor Reina. It’s worth noting that there were several gluten-free options and, according to the chef, prepared with all the required precautions.

Víctor thinks it’s really unfair that celiacs can’t enjoy a great meal and have to resign to a plain steak and salad. He knows how to come around intolerances and safely prepare dishes that have nothing to envy to not gluten-free meals. He’s a very young chef. I read in a magazine that he’s been many years cooking and has liked to cook since he was a kid.

Usually fancy restaurants like Wriasko are pretty expensive but workdays at lunch they offer a very affordable 2 course + dessert menu for 14,50 Eur.

For starters they served “watermelon gazpacho” (gazpacho is a cold soup typical of south of Spain) and a vegetable mousse.


Then my first course was eggs stuffed with “white tuna belly” and sauce, served on a sort of stone slab, very nice and original.

Wriasko - entrante

My main course was grilled tuna and mashed potatoes. The tuna was perfectly cooked, well done on the outside but soft and juicy inside. By the way, the portion was bigger than it looks on the picture but I had already took a good bite :-).


For dessert, the gluten-free options were either lemon sorbet or baked cheesecake with glazed strawberries.

We are pretty sure will be here again soon :-)

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27 Jun

Mc Donald’s gluten-free buns in Spain

Early this year the gluten-free web Triumph Dining invited us to write for their blog a post about Mc Donald’s gluten-free burger buns in Spain and how their taste compared with regulars (McRoyal Deluxe in this case). For a little while we were their international correspondents :-)

It happens that Mc Donald’s doesn’t have gluten-free buns in all countries. In Spain they do, at least in many of their restaurants but not all according to some people comments.

Well, without further ado here’s the post. We hope you find it useful.


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