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07 Aug

Tommy Mel’s has gluten free

The first time I ran into a Tommy Mel’s restaurant the first thing I did was ask if they had gluten free dishes. They didn’t.

Recently I read this post saying they  have gluten free food in their Valencia restaurant. So the following weekend we went to a Tommy Mel’s located at the Equinoccio Mall in Majadahonda to check it out by myself.

Tommy Mels restaurant …more »

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02 Jul

La Despensa Restaurant

After reading a recommendation about La Despensa Restaurant on EstoSiPuedo‘s blog, I decided to go and try it.

I liked it very much. It’s a family restaurant with home cooking kind of dishes. Small and cozy. The place is run by the owners: Carmen and her son and daughters Arturo, Begoña and Carmen.

…more »

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26 Jun

Gluten free Blogtrip to Logroño, La Rioja

On the weekend of June 15/16th we and other 4 gluten free bloggers had the honor to be invited to the first Gluten Free Blogtrip.

In case you are wondering what the heck is a blogtrip, well, it’s a trip organized by a company or any other kind of organization who wants to promote their products, destinations or services so they invite a few bloggers to show them around expecting they later will blog about it.

In this case we were invited to the city of Logroño in La Rioja by EcoDiet, a distributor of food for people with intolerances like gluten, lactose, egg and protein. EcoDiet is based in Logroño and they sell products to all Spain.

Well, it happens that Logroño is very well prepared for celiacs.

EcoDiet prepared a tight schedule for the weekend:

  • Visit to EcoDiet facilities.
  • Fancy lunch in the restaurant “De Perdidos al Rios”.
  • City tour of Logroño historic center.
  • And in the evening (Spanish evening so we started at 22:30) the best part: gluten free tapas along Laurel street.


  • Visit to the Franco-Española winery, which is right in the city. Really cool.
  • Appetizers in the garden of a country house located in the town of Pradillo


For a celiac in Spain is usually difficult or impossible to go “tapas hopping” because the lack of gluten free options. Well, not in Laurel Street. This narrow and crowded street is full of bars and many of them with gluten free tapas. Iñaki, EcoDiet’s manager, guide us through some of the best ones:


calle Laurel …more »

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07 Jun

The Gluten Free Tapas Route in Madrid


As an initiative of the online store EstoSiPuedo with the support of Celiacs Asociation of Madrid, the new Celiac’s Route of Madrid has been created. It’s a route of a few bars in Madrid downtown where celiacs will find the best gluten free tapas and gluten free beer.

It will start this Saturday, June 8th at 1:00 pm and there’s not ending. So far there are 4 bars who have joined the initiative:

  • El Ñeru. C/Bordadores, 5
  • La Concha. c/Cava Baja, 7
  • Bodegas Galiana. c/Cava Baja, 8
  • Casa Lucas. c/Cava Baja, 28

Look for the gluten free logo on the bars door.


Cheers :-)

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07 May

Celiac friendly restaurant in León city

We recently took a trip to Asturias and we planned to stop in León to take a look around, see the famous cathedral and so on. The first thing I did before leaving was browse around the web to find a restaurant in León with gluten-free food.

Among the options we found we decided for the restaurant “Alfonso Valderas”. It happened to be a delicious choice.

The restaurant specializes in cod and beef. It was nice surprise to find  they have a varied gluten-free menu

gluten-free menugluten free menu

Among the starters they have: …more »

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02 May

Tasting VIPS new gluten-free dishes

Since VIPS has a gluten free menu I’ve been there a couple of times tasting the dishes.

Chicken Flatbread

First I tried the “Flatbread de pollo” (Chicken flatbread). It’s like a pizza dough with chicken chunks and barbecue sauce. It was pretty good as a starter, maybe too big so it’s better for sharing. I wasn’t very hungry so I just had that.


Another day I tried the Cheeseburger (the cheese is hidden under the meat ;-). The bread is quite similar to Mc Donald’s and I’d rather have it with french fries instead of chips but… well, the overall dish it’s good.


And for dessert a big big brownie, well at least for Spanish standards it’s huge. It’s covered with chocolate sauce and it’s coulant, meaning the core is “melted”. It was delicious.

All gluten-free dishes are served on blue plates to distinguish them from the others.

bon appétit :-)

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16 Apr

Gluten Free Menus in Vips and Ginos

The VIPS Group has just announced that we can enjoy a gluten free menu in their Vips and Ginos.

In the Vips case they have renewed the gluten free menu and it’s already available in its 93 restaurants. In the Ginos case they have created a new gluten free menu that is being implemented gradually in its 94 restaurants (currently is available in 18).

The new menu includes gluten free starters, main courses, drinks and desserts. All these at the same price of regular dishes.

VipsAt Vips we can enjoy:

  • Tex-mex nachos
  • Ham and cheese sandwich
  • Chicken BBQ flatbread
  • Cheese Burger
  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • And for dessert: pancakes with whipped cream and syrup, brownie or Copa Doppio Cioccolato

GinosAt Ginos we can have:

  • Fonduta di Formaggi
  • Spaghetti a la Panna e Prosciuto
  • Pizza Prosciutto o Piemontese
  • And for dessert: tiramisú, profiterole with hot chocolate sauce

I have tried almost all of them and I can tell you they are pretty good :-)

VIPS Group have made a big effort to have these menus. They have remodeled kitchens, included ovens dedicated to gluten free food and use different plates to avoid the cross contamination.

¡Thanks to the VIPS Group!


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29 Mar

Gluten-free ham and cheese sandwich in Rodilla

Before being diagnosed celiac, every now and then we felt like eating out good and cheap. One of the places we used to go was 100 Montaditos (“mini” baked bread sandwiches restaurant chain with a menu of 100 type of sandwiches). Well, that’s not an option anymore because they don’t have any gluten-free option.

Now we have an alternative: Rodilla, which is another sandwich restaurant chain, recently launched a gluten-free ham and cheese warm sandwich that it’s individually stored, warmed and served packaged.

gluten free sandwich at Rodilla

It’s a pity that there is only one (ham and cheese) but at least it’s pretty good. According to my non-celiac husband the bread was better than the regular one he was having.

gluten free sandwich at Rodilla

So thanks to Rodilla and we hope you will extend your gluten-free options soon.

Have any one out there taste it? How do you like it?. Please let us know in the comments.

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10 Mar

New Starbucks gluten free scone

Starbucks in Spain increases its gluten-free product variety. First it was the gluten-free brownie. Now they offer the Millionaire Shortbread. It’s a little but dense scone ideal to go along with a large cup of coffee.


It looked so small that I also ordered a brownie. However the Millionaire happened to be stuffing enough so I took the brownie and put it in my purse for later. I just ate it at breakfast today :-)

I also saw new gluten-free potato chips.

I’m happy to see that every day more and more restaurants increase their variety of gluten-free products.

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23 Nov

Bakery for Gourmand Celiacs

Finally I was able to go to CELICIOSO bakery and coffe shop, in Madrid downtown.

I had read many good comments about this place where everything is gluten-free. Now I definitely can call it a “celiac paradise”.


First of all, the place decoration stands out of the regular. It’s pretty nice, it reminds me of French coffee shops. Both the atmosphere and the food are really cool. It’s almost a pity to eat such a nice food :-)

In second place, the variety is amazing. Celiacs are so used to have a few options and here there are so many different things: cupcakes of different tastes and colors, brownies, alfajores, cakes, breads, cookies, beer, lasagnas and other dishes to go.

Cupcakes Celicioso


They also deliver to other restaurants.

…more »

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