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06 Jun

News from SalAIA 2013

Last weekend we attended SalAIA 2013 (Food Intolerance and Allergies Fair) in Madrid. As usual every year in this event we discovered some interesting gluten free products and producers. We also took this opportunity to talk to a our fellow bloggers and people related to the gluten-free lifestyle in Spain.

Well, now without further ado, our findings:

Casual Fruit


Casual fruit is an interesting gluten-free fruit based snack. It’s lyophilised (freeze-dried) crunchy fruit pieces packed like a small bag of chips. Lyophilisation guarantees the total conservation of the fruits’ nutriments without any oil, added sugar, gluten or preservatives.

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18 Mar

New gluten-free sauces for salads

Vinagreta Frambuesa Baby Fresh

The downside of shopping at Carrefour on Saturday at 6 pm (besides the crowd) is that they offer tastings of a lot of food you can’t eat. However yesterday I found something good, there was a tasting of salad with a new raspberry vinaigrette by the brand “Baby Fresh” (Primaflor). I ask the girl who was offering it if the sauce was gluten-free but she didn’t know. I took a look at the bottles and fortunately they have a gluten free logo, because the text on the label is so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it ;-)

They have a several flavors:

  • Caesar
  • Mustard and honey
  • Yogur
  • Balsamic
  • Raspberry

I bought a raspberry vinaigrette and a caesar sauce and prepared a good salad when I got back home.

They come in 280 ml cans with lid drip and costs 1,95 Eur each. On Primaflor’s web, the balsamic and the raspberry flavors vinaigrettes don’t say “gluten-free product”. However, the bottles I brought home do. They also have the caesar sauce in sachet of 60 grams.

 Caesar sauce


If you want to know where do they sell then besides Carrefour, send them a message from their web contact page.

Thanks Primaflor for thinking of celiacs.

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11 Nov

Gluten-free Chocolate

Now that cold starts on this side of the planet is when we most fancy a good cup of hot chocolate. The problem is that frequently wheat is used to thicken it so is not easy to find it.

Recently I had the opportunity to taste a cup of gluten-free hot chocolate of the Benavent brand. It’s packed in individual serving bags that can fit in a purse so you can take it with you.


Chocolates Benavent is a family business located in Beniganim (Valencia, Spain) and specialized in gluten-free chocolate, made with the best Venezuelan cocoa.

They have a service to prepare a “chocolatada” (sort of a get together to drink chocolate) where they provide the jug of chocolate and disposable cups.

You can also visit the factory for groups of 30 or more people.

On their Facebook page there are pictures of the products, gifts for special occasions like weddings, videos about how to prepare a good chocolate cup and some additional stuff.

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29 Sep

Gluten free blind beer tasting

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. Today I’m back because I had a “to do” since we started the Spanish version of the blog back in 2009. The post is about gluten-free beer and I’m writing it because “celiac but happy” doesn’t like beer …but I do :-)

To make it more fun we decided to invite a few friends and do a “blind taste”, I mean, 4 people tasting 3 different beers without knowing which one they are tasting and then writing the comments. It’s important to clarify that none of the “testers” is celiac so we remember how the regular beer tastes.

The chosen beers were: DAURA (from Estrella Damm), Mongozo (produced in the Netherlands) and Ambar Green 0,0

Cervezas sin gluten

These were the comments for each one:

  • Beer #1: “smells and tastes as a regular beer”, “it’s a little bitter”, “it tastes a little bitter but it’s like a regular beer”, “it tastes like a regular beer and I like that sour touch”.
  • Beer #2: “No taste, no smell”, “too weak”, “low in taste, it’s like a light beer”, “it’s a bit watery”, “really light color”.
  • Beer #3: “tastes very much like normal beer”, “It’s like a regular beer”, “milder than #1”, “#1 is stronger but this one is good”, “it tastes and smells like a normal beer”.

Please remember that there’s no accounting for taste, so this tasting is really subjective …but also was fun.

Can you guess what number matchs each beer?

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15 Jul

“Gullón” gluten-free biscuits

Gullón, one of the well known biscuit manufacturers in Spain, has a category of “healthy” products that includes, among others, gluten-free biscuits of 3 types:

  • María (name given in Spain to a pretty plain kind of biscuit). They are also free of lactose/milk, egg and nuts.
  • Chocolate Chip. Also free of  egg and nuts.
  • Pastries. Also free of lactose/milk, egg and nuts.

Gullon Biscuits

According to their website they are made with corn and soy flour, and they have the “Controlado por FACE” (FACE controlled) seal.

They are all fairly good although are a bit crumbly and they don’t soak up the milk (that might be a problem for some people :) as it happens with most gluten-free biscuits.

I was diagnosed the celiac disease almost three years ago so I might have already forgotten how the regular biscuits taste. This is why I asked my son (13) and a friend of him to try them and tell me what they think. These were some of their comments:

  • They are pretty yummy
  • They are very crumbly
  • At the end they feel a bit like sand but I like them.
  • Yummy, May I have some more?

I thinlk the last comment is the most valuable :-)

Have you tried them? What do you think?

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