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06 Jun

News from SalAIA 2013

Last weekend we attended SalAIA 2013 (Food Intolerance and Allergies Fair) in Madrid. As usual every year in this event we discovered some interesting gluten free products and producers. We also took this opportunity to talk to a our fellow bloggers and people related to the gluten-free lifestyle in Spain.

Well, now without further ado, our findings:

Casual Fruit


Casual fruit is an interesting gluten-free fruit based snack. It’s lyophilised (freeze-dried) crunchy fruit pieces packed like a small bag of chips. Lyophilisation guarantees the total conservation of the fruits’ nutriments without any oil, added sugar, gluten or preservatives.

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02 Oct

Happy Birthday to us

Yes, today is our first anniversary  (our first English post.)


As you probably know, CeliacButHappy is the English version of CeliacaPeroContenta. We created this version because we believe there are a lot of English speakers in Spain, either living here or just visiting.

Remember, if you are one of our readers don’t be shy and contact us, either in the comments or the contact form.

Thanks to everyone who’s been here :-)


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22 Jun

We attended SalAIA 2012


Last Friday we attended SalAIA, the Food Intolerance and Allergies Fair,  in Madrid. There we met many interesting people related with the “free world”:  gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free and so on. People willing to make things better for food intolerant people. We also met personally people we already knew online and of course we also met with some buddies of the gluten-free world that is a pleasure to see again.

We discovered new gluten-free products and brands.

Confitería Marqués

Celiaca and Alejandro (Marqués)

The first stand we visited was Confitería Marqués. We already knew their delicious pastries and chocolates from this bakery in Gijón, Asturias, but this time we had the opportunity to meet Alejandro, the owner and his wife in person. They are doing an incredible job making happy so many people with food intolerances. They told us that although the big effort they do, the smiles and gratitude of many celiacs and other intolerants makes it worthwhile and help them to keep going. From their wide variety of products we specially recommend the “Hazelnut Rocks” (Rocas de Avellana) and the “Almond Rocks” (Rocas de Almendra).

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11 Jun

SalAIA: Fair of Products and Services for Food Intolerances and Allergies”

The 2nd edition of SalAIA will be held in Madrid at “The Palacio de Congresos de Madrid” from June 14th to 16th . This event is a meeting point of special food manufacturers and consumers.

Logo SalAIA

Who should attend?

  • People with celiac disease, lactose intolerance, egg allergy, nuts allergy and in general any kind of food intolerance.
  • Store owners interested in new products and contacting new manufacturers
  • Physicians, pediatricians, allergists, nutritionists and food allergy and intolerance researchers.
  • Parents and relatives of people with any kind of food allergy or intolerance.
  • Restaurant owners interested in offering this kind of food.
  • Writers, journalists and bloggers interested in this topic.

This year the event will offer not only a trade show but also conferences about these topics. You can read the conference calendar.(in Spanish, sorry)

See you there !   :-)

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02 Jun

We were at the “Celiac Awareness Day” Flashmob

This week was hectic at work so until today I was not able to tell you that we participated in the flashmob organized by FACE last week end to celebrate Celiac Awareness Day.

It was really fun. Initially we were afraid only a few people would show up but when we got to the meeting point at Plaza Callao there was a fairly big crowd. People of all ages and the “FACE Joven” team were there ready to have some fun.


We followed everything our MP3 players were telling us to do: jump, baguette fighting, inflate balloons… Well, actually there was a little lack of synchronicity but that made it even more fun. Bystanders were astonished watching such a rare activity on a Saturday morning. I’ve been told we were on Telecinco T.V. news :-)

I specially liked a balloon that had the message “No soy celíaco pero los apoyo” (I’m not celiac but I support them).

I'm not celiac but I support them
I’m not celiac but I support them


Flahsmob celíacos

Some of the "FACE Joven" guys and a couple more people who joined them for the picture…including myself :-)

The event was a pretty cool way to draw some attention about the celiac disease.



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18 May

Flashmob in Madrid to Celebrate “Day of the Celiac”

FACE, the Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations, is organizing a flashmob called “With rhythm and gluten free” on Saturday May 26th to celebrate the Day of the Celiac.

According to Wikipedia , “A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.”

So you can fully understand the concept, please watch the following video shot in the Antwerp Central Station (Belgium):

There are plenty of flashmobs examples in YouTube

Detailed information can be found at FACE’s web but it’s in Spanish so we have summarized here what you need:

  • An audio file you should download and take with you the day of the event in your MP3 player (iPod, smartphone, etc).
  • A baguette or similar shaped bread.
  • 1 blue balloon.
  • 1 marker pen.
  • Wear a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers (trainers) and an orange bow (yeah, I wonder why the bow too :-)
  • No alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc.


  • Date: May 26th, 2012
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Place: Plaza Callao, Madrid

Come on, invite all your family and friends, celiacs or not and let’s have some gluten-free fun :-D

Will you join us? please let us know in the comments.

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