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07 Aug

Tommy Mel’s has gluten free

The first time I ran into a Tommy Mel’s restaurant the first thing I did was ask if they had gluten free dishes. They didn’t.

Recently I read this post saying they  have gluten free food in their Valencia restaurant. So the following weekend we went to a Tommy Mel’s located at the Equinoccio Mall in Majadahonda to check it out by myself.

Tommy Mels restaurant …more »

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02 May

Tasting VIPS new gluten-free dishes

Since VIPS has a gluten free menu I’ve been there a couple of times tasting the dishes.

Chicken Flatbread

First I tried the “Flatbread de pollo” (Chicken flatbread). It’s like a pizza dough with chicken chunks and barbecue sauce. It was pretty good as a starter, maybe too big so it’s better for sharing. I wasn’t very hungry so I just had that.


Another day I tried the Cheeseburger (the cheese is hidden under the meat ;-). The bread is quite similar to Mc Donald’s and I’d rather have it with french fries instead of chips but… well, the overall dish it’s good.


And for dessert a big big brownie, well at least for Spanish standards it’s huge. It’s covered with chocolate sauce and it’s coulant, meaning the core is “melted”. It was delicious.

All gluten-free dishes are served on blue plates to distinguish them from the others.

bon appétit :-)

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12 Jul

H3: Gluten free hamburgers

H3: H3 Hamburgers

I’m really happy with this new discovery. At Kinépolis in “Ciudad de la Imagen” (Madrid) there’s a very original hamburger restaurant with many gluten-free options. Its name is H3 New Hamburgology. It’s a Portuguese chain with restaurants in Portugal, Spain, Poland and Brasil.

It’s not the typical fast food burger place. They serve 200 gr. burgers without bread but with lots of style. A side dish of rice or “home made” chips is included. There’s optional bread but is not gluten-free. To drink you can have sodas or fresh and natural lemonade or ice tea with lemon.

They have a menu with all the gluten-free burgers and all the products a celiac can have: …more »

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27 Jun

Mc Donald’s gluten-free buns in Spain

Early this year the gluten-free web Triumph Dining invited us to write for their blog a post about Mc Donald’s gluten-free burger buns in Spain and how their taste compared with regulars (McRoyal Deluxe in this case). For a little while we were their international correspondents :-)

It happens that Mc Donald’s doesn’t have gluten-free buns in all countries. In Spain they do, at least in many of their restaurants but not all according to some people comments.

Well, without further ado here’s the post. We hope you find it useful.


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