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29 Mar

Gluten-free ham and cheese sandwich in Rodilla

Before being diagnosed celiac, every now and then we felt like eating out good and cheap. One of the places we used to go was 100 Montaditos (“mini” baked bread sandwiches restaurant chain with a menu of 100 type of sandwiches). Well, that’s not an option anymore because they don’t have any gluten-free option.

Now we have an alternative: Rodilla, which is another sandwich restaurant chain, recently launched a gluten-free ham and cheese warm sandwich that it’s individually stored, warmed and served packaged.

gluten free sandwich at Rodilla

It’s a pity that there is only one (ham and cheese) but at least it’s pretty good. According to my non-celiac husband the bread was better than the regular one he was having.

gluten free sandwich at Rodilla

So thanks to Rodilla and we hope you will extend your gluten-free options soon.

Have any one out there taste it? How do you like it?. Please let us know in the comments.

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28 Jul

What’s your favorite gluten-free bread?

Today I feel like researching and have decided to do a survey about gluten-free bread.

I’d like to know what’s the gluten-free bread brand that you like the most. Of course nobody beats a good home made bread which is better and cheaper than commercial versions. Well this is true if you don’t burn it like I usually do, or it’s one of those 40ºC (104º F) degrees days so you wouldn’t turn on the oven for anything in the world :-)

So, What’s your favorite gluten-free brand?

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27 Jun

Mc Donald’s gluten-free buns in Spain

Early this year the gluten-free web Triumph Dining invited us to write for their blog a post about Mc Donald’s gluten-free burger buns in Spain and how their taste compared with regulars (McRoyal Deluxe in this case). For a little while we were their international correspondents :-)

It happens that Mc Donald’s doesn’t have gluten-free buns in all countries. In Spain they do, at least in many of their restaurants but not all according to some people comments.

Well, without further ado here’s the post. We hope you find it useful.


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16 Apr

Genius gluten-free products arrive in Spain

Genius, the Scottish brand of gluten-free products has landed in Spain. Some of their products can be found at Carrefour hypermarkets in the frozen food section: white or brown sliced bread and some pizzas.

Pan Genius

I have already bought both kind of breads but only tasted the white one. I put them in the freezer. Every day I take a couple of slices, put them in the toaster for a little while and they are delicious. I think this is the bread I like the most among all the gluten-free breads I have tasted so far (well let’s say it’s a tie with Schär’s rustic bread). It costs 3,50 EUR a bag that contains 15 slices, so for me it lasts one week.

The only bad thing is that the white bread bag has some printed green flowers that make it look like the bread is moldy ;-)
Pan sin gluten Genius
Genius also have 3 types of frozen pizza:
– Tomato and mozzarella cheese (2,95 Eur)
– Chicken and red pepper (3,90 Eur)
– Pepperoni (3,90 Eur)

I haven’t tried them yet but I will very soon.

Thanks Genius for making a gluten-free bread that tastes like regular bread :-)

¿Have you tried Genius products? ¿What’s your favorite gluten-free bread? ¿and your favorite pizza?
Let us know in the comments.

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