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14 May

A visit to Confectionery Marqués in Gijón

Confitería MarquésFinally on my recent trip to Asturias I could go to the famous Marqués Confectionery in Gijón. I say “finally” because I’ve known about it for a long time and I have tasted their delicious gluten-free products several times. I also met its owner Alejandro before, during an exhibition in Madrid.

When I got there the first thing I noticed was the decoration, it’s so cute. It looks like a tea parlor.

Alejandro Álvarez, the creator of this celiac paradise showed us the whole place. We saw the area where they prepare shipments and wrap gifts. Then he showed the kitchen where we met Carlos, the baker, working on “carbayones” (typical from Asturias). Everything in this confectionery is gluten-free, but there are also lactose, egg and nuts free products.

Productos gluten-free

After the kitchen tour it came the best part: tasting. Alejandro already had prepared a box of “Rocas de Almendras” (almond rocks) because he knew it’s my favorite. We also bought a few tuna turnovers that were to die for :-) We also had a couple of excellent apple pastries and a few other candy to go.

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10 Mar

New Starbucks gluten free scone

Starbucks in Spain increases its gluten-free product variety. First it was the gluten-free brownie. Now they offer the Millionaire Shortbread. It’s a little but dense scone ideal to go along with a large cup of coffee.


It looked so small that I also ordered a brownie. However the Millionaire happened to be stuffing enough so I took the brownie and put it in my purse for later. I just ate it at breakfast today :-)

I also saw new gluten-free potato chips.

I’m happy to see that every day more and more restaurants increase their variety of gluten-free products.

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23 Nov

Bakery for Gourmand Celiacs

Finally I was able to go to CELICIOSO bakery and coffe shop, in Madrid downtown.

I had read many good comments about this place where everything is gluten-free. Now I definitely can call it a “celiac paradise”.


First of all, the place decoration stands out of the regular. It’s pretty nice, it reminds me of French coffee shops. Both the atmosphere and the food are really cool. It’s almost a pity to eat such a nice food :-)

In second place, the variety is amazing. Celiacs are so used to have a few options and here there are so many different things: cupcakes of different tastes and colors, brownies, alfajores, cakes, breads, cookies, beer, lasagnas and other dishes to go.

Cupcakes Celicioso


They also deliver to other restaurants.

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22 Jun

We attended SalAIA 2012


Last Friday we attended SalAIA, the Food Intolerance and Allergies Fair,  in Madrid. There we met many interesting people related with the “free world”:  gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free and so on. People willing to make things better for food intolerant people. We also met personally people we already knew online and of course we also met with some buddies of the gluten-free world that is a pleasure to see again.

We discovered new gluten-free products and brands.

Confitería Marqués

Celiaca and Alejandro (Marqués)

The first stand we visited was Confitería Marqués. We already knew their delicious pastries and chocolates from this bakery in Gijón, Asturias, but this time we had the opportunity to meet Alejandro, the owner and his wife in person. They are doing an incredible job making happy so many people with food intolerances. They told us that although the big effort they do, the smiles and gratitude of many celiacs and other intolerants makes it worthwhile and help them to keep going. From their wide variety of products we specially recommend the “Hazelnut Rocks” (Rocas de Avellana) and the “Almond Rocks” (Rocas de Almendra).

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02 Oct

A paradise of gluten-free pastries in Asturias

Mi good friend “B” who is originally from Asturias, was in Gijón for the weekend. I asked her to drop by a bakery named “Confitería Marqués“. I already had it in my “to try list” because they make a lot of gluten-free pastries and cakes. She not only told me how delicious was everything but also brought me a BIG “sampler” of some of their products so I could taste them.

Pasteles de la Confitería Marqués

I was previously in contact with the owner, Alejandro, so he could suggest me something to try and also tell me a little bit about their store. This is not the typical story of someone who has the celiac disease or some other intolerance . Confitería Marqués used to be an average bakery with many years of experience. One day, they decided to bet on the people with food allergies and intolerances. A risky project because this kind of people is a minority.


The transformation process into a gluten-free bakery forced them to close the shop for one week. During this time they dismantled all the machines and cleaned up everything down to nuts and bolts. Now  everything is gluten-free and there are also many products for other allergies and intolerances (lactose, egg, nuts).
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