26 Jun

Gluten free Blogtrip to Logroño, La Rioja

Author: Celiac But Happy

On the weekend of June 15/16th we and other 4 gluten free bloggers had the honor to be invited to the first Gluten Free Blogtrip.

In case you are wondering what the heck is a blogtrip, well, it’s a trip organized by a company or any other kind of organization who wants to promote their products, destinations or services so they invite a few bloggers to show them around expecting they later will blog about it.

In this case we were invited to the city of Logroño in La Rioja by EcoDiet, a distributor of food for people with intolerances like gluten, lactose, egg and protein. EcoDiet is based in Logroño and they sell products to all Spain.

Well, it happens that Logroño is very well prepared for celiacs.

EcoDiet prepared a tight schedule for the weekend:

  • Visit to EcoDiet facilities.
  • Fancy lunch in the restaurant “De Perdidos al Rios”.
  • City tour of Logroño historic center.
  • And in the evening (Spanish evening so we started at 22:30) the best part: gluten free tapas along Laurel street.


  • Visit to the Franco-Española winery, which is right in the city. Really cool.
  • Appetizers in the garden of a country house located in the town of Pradillo


For a celiac in Spain is usually difficult or impossible to go “tapas hopping” because the lack of gluten free options. Well, not in Laurel Street. This narrow and crowded street is full of bars and many of them with gluten free tapas. Iñaki, EcoDiet’s manager, guide us through some of the best ones:


calle Laurel

  • Donosti (13th Laurel st.): Here we tasted tapas of tenderloin with roquefort or with pepper (and a glass of Rioja wine of course). Delicious!

El Donosti

  • Bar La Jubera (18th Laurel st.): the best “patatas bravas”. These potatoes are a bit spicy so be sure to have a drink handy.


patatas bravas

  • Pata Negra (35 San Agustín st., corner with Laurel): cured ham “bocadillos”, made with a good gluten free bread. They also have gluten free beer. Spectacular.



  • Blanco y Negro (1st Travesía Laurel st.): their specialty is “El Matrimonio” (“The Marriage”), a sandwich with anchovies and fried green pepper.

Blanco y Negro

After these 4 we were full and stopped (we have had a hearty lunch) but there are more places:

  • Bar Soriano: specialty mushrooms
  • Bar El Cid: specialty setas
  • Bar Las Cubanas: specialty cochinillo (piglet)
  • Bar Sebas: specialty “tortilla española” (Spanish omelette)
  • Bar Juan y Pínchame: specialty shrimp brochette with pineapple
  • Bar La Travesía (C/ San Juan, close to Laurel): specialty tortilla española (Spanish omelette).

In addition to tapas bars there are also some restaurants with gluten free dishes in their menus:


For us Logroño was a wonderful gluten free discovery :-)

Thanks so much EcoDiet for this wonderful weekend. Cheers.


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