02 May

Tasting VIPS new gluten-free dishes

Author: Celiac But Happy

Since VIPS has a gluten free menu I’ve been there a couple of times tasting the dishes.

Chicken Flatbread

First I tried the “Flatbread de pollo” (Chicken flatbread). It’s like a pizza dough with chicken chunks and barbecue sauce. It was pretty good as a starter, maybe too big so it’s better for sharing. I wasn’t very hungry so I just had that.


Another day I tried the Cheeseburger (the cheese is hidden under the meat ;-). The bread is quite similar to Mc Donald’s and I’d rather have it with french fries instead of chips but… well, the overall dish it’s good.


And for dessert a big big brownie, well at least for Spanish standards it’s huge. It’s covered with chocolate sauce and it’s coulant, meaning the core is “melted”. It was delicious.

All gluten-free dishes are served on blue plates to distinguish them from the others.

bon appétit :-)

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