16 Apr

Gluten Free Menus in Vips and Ginos

Author: Celiac But Happy

The VIPS Group has just announced that we can enjoy a gluten free menu in their Vips and Ginos.

In the Vips case they have renewed the gluten free menu and it’s already available in its 93 restaurants. In the Ginos case they have created a new gluten free menu that is being implemented gradually in its 94 restaurants (currently is available in 18).

The new menu includes gluten free starters, main courses, drinks and desserts. All these at the same price of regular dishes.

VipsAt Vips we can enjoy:

  • Tex-mex nachos
  • Ham and cheese sandwich
  • Chicken BBQ flatbread
  • Cheese Burger
  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • And for dessert: pancakes with whipped cream and syrup, brownie or Copa Doppio Cioccolato

GinosAt Ginos we can have:

  • Fonduta di Formaggi
  • Spaghetti a la Panna e Prosciuto
  • Pizza Prosciutto o Piemontese
  • And for dessert: tiramisú, profiterole with hot chocolate sauce

I have tried almost all of them and I can tell you they are pretty good :-)

VIPS Group have made a big effort to have these menus. They have remodeled kitchens, included ovens dedicated to gluten free food and use different plates to avoid the cross contamination.

¡Thanks to the VIPS Group!



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