18 Mar

New gluten-free sauces for salads

Author: Celiac But Happy

Vinagreta Frambuesa Baby Fresh

The downside of shopping at Carrefour on Saturday at 6 pm (besides the crowd) is that they offer tastings of a lot of food you can’t eat. However yesterday I found something good, there was a tasting of salad with a new raspberry vinaigrette by the brand “Baby Fresh” (Primaflor). I ask the girl who was offering it if the sauce was gluten-free but she didn’t know. I took a look at the bottles and fortunately they have a gluten free logo, because the text on the label is so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it ;-)

They have a several flavors:

  • Caesar
  • Mustard and honey
  • Yogur
  • Balsamic
  • Raspberry

I bought a raspberry vinaigrette and a caesar sauce and prepared a good salad when I got back home.

They come in 280 ml cans with lid drip and costs 1,95 Eur each. On Primaflor’s web, the balsamic and the raspberry flavors vinaigrettes don’t say “gluten-free product”. However, the bottles I brought home do. They also have the caesar sauce in sachet of 60 grams.

 Caesar sauce


If you want to know where do they sell then besides Carrefour, send them a message from their web contact page.

Thanks Primaflor for thinking of celiacs.

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