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Proceliac: milk that protects the intestine in celiac

Author: Celiac But Happy

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend to the launch of a new product for celiacs called Proceliac. It’s a new milk from Central Lechera Asturiana  that contains a probiotic that reduces intestine inflammation in celiac people.


I’ll try to explain this in a very simple way. The first time I heard about a “special milk for celiac” I wonder: why this milk is special if we can drink almost any kind of milk? Well, the answer is not in the milk but in the probiotic in it.

According to Wikipedia (in Spanish), probiotic food is a type of food that contains live microorganisms that remain active in the intestine and have physiological effects. Consumed in an appropriate amount they have a very beneficial effect, like contributing to the intestinal flora balance and boosting the immune system.

Now that we already know what a probiotic is, I’m going to talk about this specific probiotic. It’s called Bifidobacterium longum ES-1, but the name is not as important as its function in our body: it reduces intestine inflammation and improves the intestinal flora of celiac (according to the studies done).

Mora than 4 years of research were needed to develop this product where three organizations have participated: CSIC (the largest public research institution  in Spain and third in Europe), Biópolis (private scientifc research organization located in Parc Cientific at the University of Valencia) and Central Lechera Asturiana (milk producer leader in Spain who converted this discovery in a marketable product).

CSIC    Biopolis      Central Lechera Asturiana

Several studies were done during the development of this product (in adult and children) that demonstrate that celiac that consume this probiotic have experienced an anti-inflammatory effect in their intestine compared with the ones that didn’t take it. This is something new that I’ve learned in this presentation that I’ve attended: even that we are very strict with our gluten-free diet our bacterial flora is different and this causes inflammation.

About Proceliac:

  • It’s a powdered milk. It comes in a 450g pack
  • It’s functional food like the ones that decrease the cholesterol level or the ones that boost the immune system
  • It costs 9,90 €. The daily dose is 30gr so the pack lasts 14 days.
  • It includes a measuring spoon (we need two 15 g spoons per day)
  • You should dissolve it in a small amount of water, stir it vigorously and then add more water up to 250 ml (one cup)
  • It should not be heated over 40ºC because the microorganism will die. You can warm it up a little bit, but not heat it too much and specially not boil it. Even thought the milk will still taste the same, it looses its beneficial function.
  • It has only been tested in celiac people. Further studies will be done in people with other intestine disorders like irritable bowel
  • They are planning to offer it in individual doses to take in your bag when you go out.
  • They are also thinking in offer different flavors like chocolate, but this probiotic cannot be in liquid milk because it will loose its function. In this powdered milk, the probiotic remains active for one year.
  • This product is also fortified with nutrients very scarce in celiac like selenium, zinc and iron.
  • It’s a skimmed milk. That is good because we don’t have to add more fat to our diet.

I use to drink a cup of Nesquick (chocolate + milk) in the afternoon (merienda) or after dinner, so I’ve just started to prepare it with this milk. I hope that my intestine gets better. I’m very glad that there are people researching in projects that improves the quality of life in celiac. Congratulations to Dr. Yolanda Sanz and her team in charge of the identification of this bacteria.


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