11 Nov

Gluten-free Chocolate

Author: Celiac But Happy

Now that cold starts on this side of the planet is when we most fancy a good cup of hot chocolate. The problem is that frequently wheat is used to thicken it so is not easy to find it.

Recently I had the opportunity to taste a cup of gluten-free hot chocolate of the Benavent brand. It’s packed in individual serving bags that can fit in a purse so you can take it with you.


Chocolates Benavent is a family business located in Beniganim (Valencia, Spain) and specialized in gluten-free chocolate, made with the best Venezuelan cocoa.

They have a service to prepare a “chocolatada” (sort of a get together to drink chocolate) where they provide the jug of chocolate and disposable cups.

You can also visit the factory for groups of 30 or more people.

On their Facebook page there are pictures of the products, gifts for special occasions like weddings, videos about how to prepare a good chocolate cup and some additional stuff.


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