07 Sep

Travel Agencies for Celiacs

Author: Celiac But Happy

Hey, I’m back after a short vacation (vacation are always short, Aren’t they? ;-)

But I didn’t come back empty handed. We collected information from the remote destination we were and we will tell you about very soon.

Now that we are back from our vacation and summer is almost gone I’m going to write about travel agencies for celiacs !. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but the same way I’m thinking of dinner when I’m still having breakfast, I’m already thinking of my next vacation.

Organizing a trip requires many arrangements and even more if you are celiac. For example, two years ago we went to Mallorca and made a reservation in a Iberostar hotel (Playa de Muro) that offered gluten-free menu. When I made the reservation I told them I’m celiac and they suggest me to e-mail them a few days before the trip to remind them my condition so they could be ready. Even I did so, when we arrived to the hotel they told me that they didn’t received the e-mail. Fortunately it’s a big hotel so they were prepared to take care of it. The chef and the maitre of the main restaurant did their best to take care of my food both the breakfast and dinner.

In this case I was lucky they were prepared to accommodate a celiac. But in some other cases is not that easy. That’s when a specialized travel agency comes in handy. There are agencies that take care of all the arrangements for the celiacs: airplane food, hotel accommodation, restaurants, campings. They organize everything and follow up to make sure everything is prepared.

DestinosSinGlutenThe first agency I knew of is Destinos sin gluten. The owner, Carmen Santiago, is also the writer of the blog La Cocina de Storch. Hotels, cruises, language learning trips, and so on. All you usually need from a travel agency plus taking care of your food requirements. I have not organized a trip with them yet but i know Carmen, wife and mother of celiacs, and I’m pretty sure she will take care of everything carefully.

The agency is located in Consuegra, Toledo. From there they offer personal service and also via Internet and telephone to customers all over Spain. They also have a Facebook page and Twitter.


Astex is another agency that takes care of celiacs. They are specialized in language courses in different countries for kids, students, professionals and companies.

Fernando Aguilar, the agency director, is celiac and has a celiac son, so he knows well the problems a celiac could have in this kind of trips.

Have you had any experience with a celiac-friendly travel agency? Please share in the comments.


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