29 Sep

Gluten free blind beer tasting

Author: The Husband

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. Today I’m back because I had a “to do” since we started the Spanish version of the blog back in 2009. The post is about gluten-free beer and I’m writing it because “celiac but happy” doesn’t like beer …but I do :-)

To make it more fun we decided to invite a few friends and do a “blind taste”, I mean, 4 people tasting 3 different beers without knowing which one they are tasting and then writing the comments. It’s important to clarify that none of the “testers” is celiac so we remember how the regular beer tastes.

The chosen beers were: DAURA (from Estrella Damm), Mongozo (produced in the Netherlands) and Ambar Green 0,0

Cervezas sin gluten

These were the comments for each one:

  • Beer #1: “smells and tastes as a regular beer”, “it’s a little bitter”, “it tastes a little bitter but it’s like a regular beer”, “it tastes like a regular beer and I like that sour touch”.
  • Beer #2: “No taste, no smell”, “too weak”, “low in taste, it’s like a light beer”, “it’s a bit watery”, “really light color”.
  • Beer #3: “tastes very much like normal beer”, “It’s like a regular beer”, “milder than #1”, “#1 is stronger but this one is good”, “it tastes and smells like a normal beer”.

Please remember that there’s no accounting for taste, so this tasting is really subjective …but also was fun.

Can you guess what number matchs each beer?

Let’s see the match and some basic data of each one:

  • #1: DAURA. Lager beer, 5,4% alcohol, max.3 ppm of gluten
  • #2: Ambar Green, 0,0% alcohol, max. 6 ppm of gluten
  • #3 Mongozo. Pilsener, 5% alcohol. Their web states it’s an organic Fairtrade product.

Mi personal opinion is those beers were far better than I imagined. I was expecting a totally different flavor comparing to normal beers but it wasn’t so. Good news for the celiacs. Well, probably the bigger difference is the price and the availability here in Spain (Mongozo was courtesy of a distributor).

So, What about you? Which one do you like better? Let us know in the comments.


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