03 Aug

Pizzanisima, excelent gluten-free italian food

Author: Celiac But Happy

Pizzanisima restaurantWe really like this place. Since we found it  we have been there several times and have been always satisfied about the food and the service. Pizzanisima is located in Boadilla del Monte (suburb of Madrid). It’s a nice little place with a terrace when there’s good weather. They offer different kinds of gluten-free pasta dishes: penne, spaghetti, ravioli, etc., that you can combine with almost  any available sauce.

We talked with the owner who commented that he just made a “bet” on the celiac community

So far I have tried meat  ravioli with pomodoro sauce, and salmon ravioli. (yes, I like ravioli :-). There are many kinds of gluten-free pizzas. They are large and topped with a lot of stuff, may be too much.

Raviolis de carne con salsa pomodoro

For dessert I would recomend Panna Cotta with Nutella…uhmmm, yummy and as you can see in the picture they also take good care of the dish presentation.

Panna cota de Nutella

In their web you can take a look to the menu. You can also order to go, just call in advance.

If you go or have gone to Pizzanisima please let us know in the comments.

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