15 Jul

“Gullón” gluten-free biscuits

Author: Celiac But Happy

Gullón, one of the well known biscuit manufacturers in Spain, has a category of “healthy” products that includes, among others, gluten-free biscuits of 3 types:

  • María (name given in Spain to a pretty plain kind of biscuit). They are also free of lactose/milk, egg and nuts.
  • Chocolate Chip. Also free of  egg and nuts.
  • Pastries. Also free of lactose/milk, egg and nuts.

Gullon Biscuits

According to their website they are made with corn and soy flour, and they have the “Controlado por FACE” (FACE controlled) seal.

They are all fairly good although are a bit crumbly and they don’t soak up the milk (that might be a problem for some people :) as it happens with most gluten-free biscuits.

I was diagnosed the celiac disease almost three years ago so I might have already forgotten how the regular biscuits taste. This is why I asked my son (13) and a friend of him to try them and tell me what they think. These were some of their comments:

  • They are pretty yummy
  • They are very crumbly
  • At the end they feel a bit like sand but I like them.
  • Yummy, May I have some more?

I thinlk the last comment is the most valuable :-)

Have you tried them? What do you think?

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