28 Jul

What’s your favorite gluten-free bread?

Author: Celiac But Happy

Today I feel like researching and have decided to do a survey about gluten-free bread.

I’d like to know what’s the gluten-free bread brand that you like the most. Of course nobody beats a good home made bread which is better and cheaper than commercial versions. Well this is true if you don’t burn it like I usually do, or it’s one of those 40ºC (104º F) degrees days so you wouldn’t turn on the oven for anything in the world :-)

So, What’s your favorite gluten-free brand?

In my case it’s Genius (sliced bread). You can find it frozen at Carrefour. There are 2 versions: white and whole-grain. It costs 3,50 Eur a pack containing 15 slices. To eat it you just take a slice from your freezer directly to the toaster. I specially like it with Philadelphia cheese and jam. Also, Mediterranean style: olive oil and tomato.


Another brand I really like is the one served at Da Nicola Restaurant (Madrid, Orense street). They told me it’s Roseta sin gluten made by DS and it’s sold frozen. ¿Can anyone confirm this information?.

Rosetta sin gluten - DS

Please write in the comments your favorite brand of gluten-free bread and the country where you live. Let us also know whether is baguette, loaf, sliced, etc., Is it frozen? Do you have to bake it or is ready to eat?

Bon appétit and thanks for your comments.

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