07 Jul

“EstoSiPuedo” online store

Author: The Husband


During the SalAIA event we attended last month we discovered a new online food store called “EstoSiPuedo”  which in English would be something like “I can eat this”. We met 2 of their founders (Raquel y Marta, lovely people :) and were talking with them for a while.

They are pretty new in the market and we haven’t tried it yet but we think they know what they are doing and the store looks good (only in Spanish though).

They have different product categories (chocolate, biscuits, bakery, drinks and so on) and each one has a list to select the type of “element” you want to avoid (gluten, soy, egg, lactose, etc.). On top of that they also have a blog and offer the services of a nutritionist via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

They ship to all Spain (including Canary Islands, Baleares, Ceuta y Melilla). Here’s the only weak point we found for this store, just like for most of online stores in Spain: shipping costs. EstoSiPuedo charges 7 € for orders in Peninsular Spain, and 10 € for the rest of the country (islands and Ceuta y Melilla). Shipping is free for orders over 60 € in Peninsular Spain, and over 100 € for the rest.

In their web there is a video from a TV interview:


Since they are starting they are offering a discount code of 5% to all readers of our blogs (this one and the Spanish version www.celiacaperocontenta.com). During your purchase checkout process you only have to type the code CONTENTA01 in the appropriate field and will get your discount.

If you buy something at EstoSiPuedo please tell us about it in the comments.

Happy shopping ;-)


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