22 Jun

We attended SalAIA 2012

Author: Celiac But Happy


Last Friday we attended SalAIA, the Food Intolerance and Allergies Fair,  in Madrid. There we met many interesting people related with the “free world”:  gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free and so on. People willing to make things better for food intolerant people. We also met personally people we already knew online and of course we also met with some buddies of the gluten-free world that is a pleasure to see again.

We discovered new gluten-free products and brands.

Confitería Marqués

Celiaca and Alejandro (Marqués)

The first stand we visited was Confitería Marqués. We already knew their delicious pastries and chocolates from this bakery in Gijón, Asturias, but this time we had the opportunity to meet Alejandro, the owner and his wife in person. They are doing an incredible job making happy so many people with food intolerances. They told us that although the big effort they do, the smiles and gratitude of many celiacs and other intolerants makes it worthwhile and help them to keep going. From their wide variety of products we specially recommend the “Hazelnut Rocks” (Rocas de Avellana) and the “Almond Rocks” (Rocas de Almendra).


At “El Granero Integral”  wholesalers stand  we discovered a few brands that were new for us:


  • Las Recettes de Céliane: they have delicious mini cupcakes individually packed.
  • Puyet: gluten-free handcrafted nougat with orange liqueur, with almonds, cava or roses. We couldn’t taste them but they sure  look great.
  • Le pain des fleurs: gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, preservatives-free organic crisp breads. We tasted the buckwheat ones and are delicious.
  • King Soba: gluten-free pasta, buckwheat noodles, black rice, corn and rice, millet rice, etc.

They sell all of these and more !


We also visited FOODY stand, an online store that sells products free of gluten, nuts, egg, yeast, lactose and soy. Here we met Ana, as charming as usual :-). She showed us all the new stuff but what we liked the most was the gluten-free play-dough (photo). It’s supposed to be for kids but we had a good time playing with it. There’s even a fluorescent version that glows in the dark :-)


Gluten-free play-dough

We visited the stands of brands like Orgran, Santiveri, Noglut, Airos, Manacel and Pasta d’Oro. Pasta d’Oro is the pasta brand we prefer because is pretty good and reasonably priced. Then we headed for the stand of Alervita store and to the Madrid Celiac Association, where once again we had the pleasure to speak with the tireless María Dolores, always working to support the celiac community :-)

We also met Angel Fernández, creator of the mobile application mobiCeliac and Mario Sánchez, always with his camera and microphone, shooting all the action for his web Celicalia.

At the “Esto sí puedo” (I can have this) stand we met Raquel and Marta who were sooo nice with us. They told us everything about their web,


Marta, CeliacaPeroContenta and Raquel

online store and blog. We love the name of the store because it’s a phrase so typical of celiacs. Of course their web is full of food we can eat. Raquel (rigth on the photo) told us she also is celiac but happy :-) . She’s responsible for the company social media. We were chatting about gluten-free beer and said that the one she likes most is Mongozo. We’ll have to try that so don’t miss our own beer tasting post coming soon. This tasting will have to be performed by “the husband” because he’s not celiac and can compare different brands. Besides, he has more than 20 years tasting beer, well, actually drinking beer :-p


And last but not least, we visited La Cocina de Siena that happen to be one of our main discoveries of the event. They sell many types of “free” food (free as in gluten-free, no as in “gratis” :-). I can say we tasted the best gluten-free choco-chip  biscuits (cookies) and brownies. We also tried a cake named “Pan a pellizcos” (in English would be something like “Pinchs Bread”). In their web you can find their points of sales. By the way, they are looking for resellers in Madrid, so far they have Alervita, Baby Deli Madrid and Baby Deli Pozuelo.

It’s a pity some of the web sites we mention in this posting don’t have and English version. If you have doubts or suggestions please don’t hesitate to send us a message through our Contact section

Well, I’m exhausted of writing and translating and we have a hard week in front of us having to taste all the food samplers we got at the Fair. Please leave your comments about the event or send us a message through our Contact section.

Cheers :-)

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