07 May

mobiCeliac: mobile Gluten-free information

Author: Celiac But Happy

mobiceliac logomobiCeliac XL is the new version of the application created by the company Equalter that allows you to have on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) information about gluten-free products, restaurants, hotels and stores (only for Spain so far).

This new version includes some interesting improvements:

  • If your device includes GPS, mobiCeliac will locate the closest restaurants that include gluten-free food. They are working on a similar feature for stores. It should be ready after summer 2012.
  • It also includes a barcode reader so you can scan directly scan the code of a product in a groceries store and know whether the product is in the database of gluten-free certified products. For this feature to work the mobile device must have an autofocus camera. Most of them do but there are some popular phones that don’t, like the Samsung Galaxy Mini (Murphy’s law: that’s exactly the model of smartphone I own so I haven’t been able to try it).

mobiCeliac works with most of the last generation mobile phones, PDAs and tablets: Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Samsung. However the barcode reader is available only for:

  • Android (1.5 and above) with autofocus camera.
  • iOS 4.0 and above: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4th generation and iPad 2.

The application database includes all the products certified by FACE (The Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations) and also those certified by other local celiacs associations like Madrid Celiacs Association. All in all the application includes about 12500 products. Those manufacturers whose products are not listed yet may contact them in order to be included.

And for our Latin American readers who are wondering about availability in their countries, they are currently working on a version for one of the countries and are open to collaborate with the associations of other countries.

  • The mobiCeliac costs 19 EUR a year (about US$ 24, or 15 GBP) and the updates are free. It’s available in Spanish, English and Catalan.
  • There’s also a complete version for tourists who come to Spain that costs 9,50 EUR for 2 months. Cool idea.

The creators of the application is working to make it free for the user, including it in the celiac associations fees. It could even be an alternative to the printed book associations currently give when you sign up: “electronic or paper”? ;-)

Once again we would like to thank Equalter’s team, mobiCeliac creators, for the huge effort to develop such a useful tool. We wish you the best :-)


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