24 Apr

Supermarkets gear up with gluten-free products

Author: Celiac But Happy

Every time I go to an Ahorramás supermarket I’m pleased to find new gluten-free products of their own brand “Alipende”, with a large gluten-free logo clearly printed on the front side of the package, just like Mercadona supermarkets who have been the leader in gluten-free products offering so far.

Alcampo hypermarkets also have a store brand of gluten-free products that are supposed to be pretty good and at affordable prices. I tried a plum-cake made with Alcampo’s gluten-free flour and it was very good. They also sell Schär products that, in my opinion, are one of the best gluten-free products one can find in Spain (even my son and husband eat them and they are not celiac :-)

The Celmart supermarket, located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (suburbs of Madrid), is a celiac paradise because they sell only gluten-free products, well actually there are a few exceptions, but every product is clearly marked as gluten-free or not. They also have a cafeteria with good gluten-free options.


Hipercor hypermarkets also offer a wide variety of gluten-free products.

Carrefour Planet hypermarkets have recently created a large section dedicated to gluten-free products (it might not be available in all their stores though). They have a wide variety of products and brands like Schär, Orgran, Proceli, Santiveri, Valpiform, Risi (snacks), Miguelañez (gummy stuff), Pasta D’oro (good quality and good price), Airos (ice cream cones are pretty good), Bauck Hof, Gullón, Virginias, Taste of Nature (delicious cereal bars also sold at Starbucks), Gerblé, Carrefour sin gluten, Glutano (they have very good “Oreo-like” cookies) and NaturGreen (try the vegetable pâtés).

Pasillo sin gluten Carrefour

A big thank you to all of them for making our lives a little bit easier :-)

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