02 Oct

A paradise of gluten-free pastries in Asturias

Author: Celiac But Happy

Mi good friend “B” who is originally from Asturias, was in Gijón for the weekend. I asked her to drop by a bakery named “Confitería Marqués“. I already had it in my “to try list” because they make a lot of gluten-free pastries and cakes. She not only told me how delicious was everything but also brought me a BIG “sampler” of some of their products so I could taste them.

Pasteles de la Confitería Marqués

I was previously in contact with the owner, Alejandro, so he could suggest me something to try and also tell me a little bit about their store. This is not the typical story of someone who has the celiac disease or some other intolerance . Confitería Marqués used to be an average bakery with many years of experience. One day, they decided to bet on the people with food allergies and intolerances. A risky project because this kind of people is a minority.


The transformation process into a gluten-free bakery forced them to close the shop for one week. During this time they dismantled all the machines and cleaned up everything down to nuts and bolts. Now  everything is gluten-free and there are also many products for other allergies and intolerances (lactose, egg, nuts).
When I travel I love to try typical local dishes and desserts. This time I have tasted a sample of the Asturia’s bakery without leaving my home.


Alejandro (the owner) also told me that they recently made an agreement with a courier company to send their products to anywhere in Spain. So now we can have their products (even those that require refrigeration) delivered directly to our doors (in 24 hours for inland Spain).

They also have salted products. I’ve been told that the tuna pies are to die for :-)

I really encourage you to visit this bakery.

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